Tempe Bloopers

Originally Prepared by: John E. Capra Date: August 27, 1984


Name of Group: Tempe Bloopers

Previous Names: Absolutely none

Date Founded: April, 1974

Early Members: J. E. Capra, Dick S, Joe and Betty M, Bob T, Lee and Jim S, Bud W, Julio T, Ken S, Bob M, Phil V, Marianne H., Georgia c., Serall P, and about 10 or 12 that I can't recall.

Place of First Meeting: Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Times and Types of Early Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday nights at 8:30 P.M. These meetings were open discussion and participation.

Current Meetings: Sunday thru Saturday with anywhere from 3 to 6 meetings a day. Mostly open discussion and participation meetings along with Big Book study, Step study, 12X12 study, Beginners and Slippers, Stag (men and women), Speaker, Monthly Birthday Speakers, Daily Reflections with open discussion, Candlelight open discussion and AA literature with open discussion.

Present Membership: Between 70 -80 people steadily and we service approx. 2200 monthly

Group Moves (if any) Where: From Mount Carmel to 1713 E. 12th St. to 2131 E. Apache Blvd. to 1935 E. Apache Blvd. 1400 S. McClintock Dr. Suite #5, 1942 E. University and our current location, 5020 S. Price Road, Tempe.

When: March 1, 1981 to 1935 E. Apache Blvd., Sept. 1998 to 1400 S. McClintock, August 2009 to 1942 E. University and to our current location on July 2013 in the Tempe Plaza at 5020 S. Price Road, Tempe.

Why Was It Started: (offshoot of a larger group, a split with another group, or simply a need?) I used to think of it as a resentment toward certain other people but after I grew a little, I say now because of a real need. At the time of the split there were only 2 meetings weekly in Tempe.

Group History: We celebrate the group's being established on June I", Also we celebrate the starting in the new building at 1935 E Apache on March 1 st. There are many humorous happenings but the one that stands out more than any: The first meeting on March 1 st, 1981, over 120 people at 10 A.M. Sunday morning regular AA meeting and we were closing in the general manner when a "newcomer" with less than 30 days sobriety asked me in front of the group what the 1935 meant. I answered, "The address here, dummy." "Oh!" he exclaimed, "I thought it was in memory of when AA became known to the public." As you can see that is another reason I call this group Bloopers. (Definition of a Blooper is an "embarrassing public blunder".)

John E. Capra

1935 E. Apache Blvd. Tempe, AZ 85281

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